Sébastien Weisskopp
Educational Animated Videos

Who am I ?

Creativity & Pedagogy

I'm a 26 year old french freelancer, eager to combine my differents skills for the complex process a creation an educational video. I've developped these various competences through 2 diplomas: as a engineer from Télécom Bretagne and a designer from L'Ecole de Design Nantes-Atlantique.

Diversity & Pragmatism

After 3 years working as a freelancer, I've dealt with 26 different projects, each one about a singular theme: national education, human resources, oxycombustion,… I’m looking for this diversity: each time I enter a new job and I work to emphasize the essential points of it.

Contact me!


Mail | contact@sebw.fr
Skype | sebastien.weisskopp
Phone | +330613060215

What is my work ?

Explainer for a B2B service

This company from San Francisco needed a new attractive way to introduce their online accounting service. Thie 1min30 video introduces the problematic that face their clients, and explains their service provide an efficient solution.

Explainer for an App

The video was initially created to create and promote the application on the Apple AppStore. This is more like a "how-to" video, to explain the main features of the app. An other video has been created to provide different user-case, to give ideas about when and why use the app.

Explainer for a product

The client wanted a pure explanation. This video doesn't include promotion because the brand didn't have nor need a specific graphic style. The length and the minimalistic graphic style of the video are relevant to the purpose of the video, but also to the significant money & time constraints of the client. This new technology is explained through 4 short user cases. The video was first used during a conference and is now integrated to the homepage.

Promotion of a service (french)

I've worked directly with McDonald's France on this video. It will diffused during the whole rugby season in the stadium of Paris. The first specificty of this video was to respect the imposed duration of 30 secondes. Then I had to adapt the video to the context of a rugby statium, which is different from TV or the web. And finally, I had to respect the graphic standards of the brand, while bringing something new.

Short introduction for a conference

This young german startup needed this video for a competition between different startup in San Francisco. The jury loved the video and we won the competition. This is a mix of footages from the shutterstock website, animation, and images that the client provided.

Promotion of a website

This video is only a 40 second promotion with a attractive and dynamic graphic style, but nothing is explained. It was created to by played as a loop in a carrers fair, in the stand of the company.

Popularization of a technical process

The video was based on a technical schema which explained an innovative process of recycling wastes. It was exhaustive but indigestible. That’s why most of the work was: in this process, what was essential? The video was created to be used as an introduction, in front of potential investors.